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this all show and indicate that this time clearly need precaution for the earthquake(my theory)

in order image

2004 Indonesia earthquake 20041226 M9.1

2005 Indonesia earthquake 20050329 M8.4

Indonesia earthquake 20070912.13-M 8.1-8.5

Japan fukushima 20110314 Mexico gulf 2012320 etna erupts

Etna erupts 20120412 Magnemeter hits -500 20120405 20120407

and this time 0903 so 0912 is range for prepare some.

my theory is clear.

so back-arc basin earthquake is easier than outer rise earthquake by reflect of sun flare. so, strong sun flare cause outer rise earthquake sometimes.because of subducting litosphere tempare change by magnetic reflection of sun flare, it cause easy outer rise earthquake.( possibility) actually magnetic variations hit -500 in Haarp magnetometer, then app. a week later on, melting to outer rise earthquake. this paticular case is really rare case. usual earthquake magnetic variations is within -250 +250 range mostly. so it depends on scale of sun flare explotion.

this is not theory but fact  I believe.  

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signal of sun flare in this time

comparison between Fukushima disaster and this time

comparison between the other earthquake and this time


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